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– How to Do More with MCT –

1. Improve Profitability with Unique Tools

With the tools and technology available with MCT you will have dramatic effects on your profitability, especially during market volatility. Technology is the future, and if you are not using it to improve your efforts, then you are falling behind. Complete the form to see how much of an increase in profitability you can expect with MCT.

Bid Tape AOT 

The bid tape assignment of trade (AOT) combines the granularity of price available via bid tape with the cash benefits of assigning the trade, which have historically been mutually exclusive. One of the main benefits of AOT execution is the savings on the bid-offer spread.

Mandatory Loan Sales

MCT is known for guiding clients through the process of switching to mandatory loan sales. Industry expertise combined with loan pipeline software, like MCTlive!, have earned clients more money selling their loans on the secondary market. 

Investor Set Optimization

Ensuring investor set optimization can have dramatic effects on your profitability, especially during market volatility. Leverage MCT’s referral network and shadow investor pricing to learn which investors could give you additional lift.

Use MCT’s Mortgage Profitability Calculator 

Complete the Mortgage Profitability Calculator and discover how MCT can help you improve growth, efficiency and profitability. After the report, learn how you can take advantage of unique tools only available to MCT clients. 

2. Accelerate Growth with Industry Expertise

Use the guidance of industry experts to pick the right path versus attempting to reinvent the wheel. When you work with MCT, you can do more to be prepared for any market movements, have quick support teams, and leverage proven strategies. Complete the calculator to see how much you can increase growth with MCT.


Business Intelligence

The Business Intelligence Group leverages unique industry insights, powerful analytics, and secondary market intelligence. It is also supported by a powerful web-based analytics platform designed to give clients more visibility on their data points to inform their business.


Client Success Group

Our Client Success Group was created in 2019 and is the first dedicated group of its kind. It is 100 percent focused on ensuring new clients are as successful as possible during the on-boarding stage and post ramp up with respective MCT support teams.


Market Guidance

Do more with MCT by leveraging our expert advice and strategies for volatile markets. In 2020 lenders have learned how important it is to have a true hedge advisory firm – not just a technology provider – to guide them through challenges in the markets.

Complete our Mortgage Profitability Calculator for Personal Profitability Metrics

3. Accelerate Efficiency with Innovative Technology

If your growth, profitability, or time are falling behind because of inefficient secondary marketing processes, tech limitations, or limited resources, you can Do More With MCT! Many secondary marketing managers struggle to find time to grow their business and/or prepare for times when it is necessary to stay in front of the market. Use the calculator to see how much more efficient you can be with MCT.

Rapid Commit

For those with GSE approval, Rapid Commit integrates with Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac to automate loan pricing and commitment. This automation offers intelligent best execution capability and saves the average user several hours every month.

Loan Sale Setup

MCT’s software was created by secondary marketing professionals for secondary marketing professionals. Loan sale setup, bid tape management and execution have automation implemented at every turn.

Data Writeback Service

Inputting loan sale information can be time consuming and riddled with data entry errors. With our data writeback tool, all loan sale information can be automatically written into certain LOS platforms. Now you can save time without worrying about data errors!

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