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Featured Whitepaper: Increase Profitability Despite Market Headwinds

MCT Whitepaper: Six Unique Ways to Increase Your Profitability Despite Market Headwinds

After record volumes and margins over the course of the last two years, 2022 has been a different story. We have seen mortgage rates rise over 200 BPS, record home prices dissuade would-be buyers, and cutbacks across companies in the mortgage industry. Download the whitepaper for strategies to combat margin compression.

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Recent Articles with Market Volatility Guidance

Strategies for Mitigating Risk in a Volatile Market

As volatility continues in the wake of yesterday’s 75-basis point Fed rate hike, and with the potential of more large hikes to come, we at MCT are monitoring the market situation closely and will keep you informed of potential impacts to your business and pipeline. Let’s look at some strategies to mitigate risk in volatile markets.

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QE to QT: Current Market Recommendations [MCT Industry Webinar]

In this webinar, MCT’s Phil Rasori, Andrew Rhodes, Justin Grant, and Paul Yarbrough discuss the three distinct market deteriorations over the course of this year, what to look for moving forward, and a set of recommendations to improve performance now.

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MSR Retain-Release Decisions in a Volatile Market

In this blog post and story, view recommendations on how to make speedy and informed retain-release decisions during periods of market volatility. In these times of low but volatile interest rates, mortgage companies are thrilled with…

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Operational Best Practices for 2020 Market Volatility

COVID-19 has affected more than just people’s health; it has affected people’s ability to work and pay their mortgage. In this blog post, learn five best practices for secondary and operations managers to manage risk and succeed in times of market volatility.

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Top 5 Takeaways in the Bulk MSR Market

With uncertainty surrounding the direction of both interest rates and prepayment speeds, and thus MSR values, many have started to look at their MSR strategies more diligently to mitigate risk and raise profit.Read on below for MCT’s expert advice on the Top 5 Takeaways for the Current MSR Market.

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Considerations for Increasing Best Efforts Lock Production

In this article, we will discuss how to adjust lock desk best practices to transition loan sales from Mandatory to Best Efforts (only when necessary) during periods of market volatility. Click below to read the full post on these considerations. 

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New Agency Delivery Limits – Analysis & Recommendations

In this post, we have included the latest market updates and the in depth details on current market volatility. We have also included the recording from our live webinar recorded on April 8th. Learn our perspective about the correspondent lending crisis and an overview of current market conditions facing the mortgage industry.

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Mark-to-Market Strategies for Market Volatility

In this webinar, MCT’s COO Phil Rasori discussed strategies for reviewing quarter-end Mark-to-Market reporting during market volatility. Topics included challenges to execution that were experienced with the divergence of aggregator and agency pricing. 

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Hedging Strategy for the Current Rate Environment

While it is no fun to type this out, and you may be tired of reading it, mortgage volume is markedly down from the highs of 2020 and 2021. Refinances have all but disappeared from locked loan volume as rates have risen over the course of 2022. Click below to continue reading. 

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How News Impacts the Secondary Market

In this blog, we will explore the reasons for mortgage rate movements behind the different headlines we see in the market and address how different types of news can affect the secondary market.

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Rate Renegotiation: Policies that Protect Profit

This article will prepare you for the inevitable falling rate environment with suggestions on how to employ rate renegotiation policies to guide your lending staff. Further, we will illustrate three example policies to use during a market rally to manage rate renegotiations.

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Are You Getting the Guidance You Need During Market Volatility?

Over the course of the COVID-19 pandemic and associated market volatility, MCT®
has averaged 2 webinars and 3 timely MarketFlash updates per week, on top of daily market commentary and a constant stream of support and communication to lender clients. Some clients had these comments to share:

As your trusted capital markets partner, MCT stands by you during times of market volatility – even if you are not an MCT client.

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Recent Client Comments on MCT’s Market Volatility Support

“I cannot even believe how on it you have all been from the moment s*** hit the fan, I could not ask for a better partner, could not imagine navigating this without you, and if you ever need a reference I want to be on the very top of our list.”

“Today was probably the most difficult day, and EVERYONE was amazingly helpful. There are honestly too many examples to point out, I would never have been able to do this without your team.”

“It’s impressive the amount of communication, content, conference calls and materials you’ve provided during this coronavirus period. You guys are real leaders to your clients and the industry.”

“Thanks for all you are doing during these unprecedented times, taking time to keep us informed has been awesome.”

“You are doing phenomenal given the circumstances. I feel blessed to have partnered with MCT.”

“I have to tell you how much we appreciate your communication during this crisis, it is comforting to know and get your take on market conditions around the mortgage industry.”

“Just want you to know that this presentation yesterday was extremely helpful/valuable to our operation.”

“In a time when information is so critical, this content gave us more insight as to what was going on and was VERY informative.”

“I wanted to tell you that your team did a great job today on the webinar. What a tough report to give, especially because of all the sensitive topics. The point is that Phil, Bill, and the Ben all did a great job addressing the issues.”

“Please let your colleagues know how extraordinarily valuable MCT’s communications have been over the last several weeks. When this is over, Phil may need to run for office.”

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