MCT’s Investor Services Technology Improves the Buyer Experience

MCT has developed award-winning technology for residential mortgage investors to help scale their seller base, automate the bid process, source whole loan and flow co-issue production, automate AOTs, and analyze performance all in a cost-effective manner.

Watch and Learn More About MCT Marketplace

Learn more about how MCT’s Investor Services division pairs industry leading expertise with the products listed below.

  • MCT Marketplace is the world’s first truly open mortgage loan exchange, where buyers can bid regardless of approval status, and sellers receive automated live pricing from every buyer on the platform.
  • MCT Marketplace Co-Issue Transactions brings flow co-issue MSR transactions directly into MCT Marketplace, making the process of MSR price discovery more convenient, flexible and transparent. MCT Marketplace co-issue transactions supports SRP pricing grids or live, flow-based loan-level MSR pricing.
  • CRA Marketplace lets buyers filter through the aggregate hedged MCT pipeline of loans to gain transparency into what types of loans are available in a specified footprint and more efficiently source their CRA needs.
  • AutoAOT automates the bid tape AOT loan sale delivery and the Tri-Party Agreement required between lenders, investors, and broker-dealers during AOT transactions.
  • AutoBid automates the process of pricing bid tapes and accepting commitments. No more organizing, normalizing, pricing, or returning bid tapes and commitment requests via spreadsheets and email.
  • Investor Analytics is MCT’s proprietary historical database of best execution analysis and loan sales, featuring unique reporting and visualizations designed to optimize investor pricing and build market share.

Features of Investor Services

MCT’s Investor Services has identified primary factors critical for an investor’s ability to improve loan sale efficiency and profitability while standing out amongst the crowd.

Faster Pricing and Commitments

Investors to return bids and commitments within a specific time frame.

    Bid Tape AOT Delivery Channel

    Offer full-featured bid tape AOT delivery options with features like immediate acceptance, automatic blending, and tri-party automation.


    Data Encryption in Transit and At Rest

    The software ensures non-public information is encrypted when the data is in transit and at rest, and never transmitted via email.

    Access More Sellers

    View and price bid tapes for all participating sellers, even if they are not currently approved.

    Bid Tape Pricing for Market Valuations

    Provide accurate indicative bid tape pricing on MCT client mark to markets, giving investors more exposure while helping their clients solve the discrepancy between rate-sheet-based indications and realized bid pricing on hedged loans.

      Investor Services & Technology Suite Overview

      For investors committed to improving their seller experience, MCT is happy to offer a suite of solutions to help achieve that goal. MCT’s Investor Services Program contains a full suite of software innovations including MCT Marketplace, Investor Analytics, AutoAOT, and AutoBid which provide a foundation for buyer and seller success. View this section to learn more about our award-winning secondary marketing software.

      MCT has developed the industry’s first truly open loan exchange with the necessary tools for buyers and sellers to transact regardless of approval status.  With MCT Marketplace, both established and new investors now have an out-of-the-box solution that drives efficiency and scale to the loan acquisition process, maximizing their chances of success.

      MCT Marketplace facilitates bids between unapproved counterparties using MCT’s patent-pending Security Spread Commitment. Rather than committing to a fixed price, buyers bid in the form of a spread to the underlying security associated with the loan, giving the seller certainty while allowing market movement to continue.


      Industry's Largest Group of Sellers on an Easy to Use Marketplace Platform


      Granular & Low Maintenance Margin Management


      On-Demand Analytics Showcasing Buyer Competitiveness

      MCT Marketplace Co-issue Loan Sale Transactions 

      MCT Marketplace offers a new, more efficient way to conduct co-issue loan sale transactions. Co-issue transactions with MCT Marketplace offers expanded execution options for sellers while providing new client acquisition options for buyers, creating a more convenient way to conduct co-issue transactions. MCT Marketplace co-issue transactions provides sellers with the ability to incorporate co-issue pricing from MSR buyers on the platform into the best execution analysis, regardless of approval status. MSR buyers on the platform have the benefit of reaching a broad audience of lenders who are seeking a co-issue partnership as part of their execution strategy.

      MCT Marketplace co-issue transactions brings the MCT client base more granular and transparent execution options by showcasing flow MSR bids from buyers with whom they are both approved and not approved with at the time of the transaction. Co-issue buyers have the option to deliver loan-level bid tape co-issue pricing or standard grid-based co-issue pricing.

      Co-issue transaction image

      MSR Pricing Shown for Approved & Unapproved Buyers


      Deliver Pricing with Standard MSR Grid-Based or MSR Loan-Level Bid Tape Pricing


      Expanded Execution Options for Sellers & Increased New Client Opportunities for Buyers

      Case Study: On Q Financial Grows Correspondent Channel Through MCT Marketplace

      We recently had the chance to speak with Angela Wooldridge, VP of Margin Management at On Q Financial, which is leveraging MCT’s, newly-released MCT Marketplace loan exchange to launch and grow its correspondent channel. On Q Financial also utilizes MCT’s Security Spread Commitment and MCT AutoBid technology which has helped to give buyers on the platform unparalleled access to new sellers.


      Read the Case Study

      CRA Marketplace gives buyers the ability to filter through the aggregated MCT hedge pipeline of loans to see all loans that are available, not just what is closed. Buyers can filter by or upload specific census tracks, along with a number of MSA and other market driven loans characteristics to help source loans in their footprint.


      View All Loans Available, Not Just What is Closed


      Filter by or Upload Specific Census Tracks


      Search for Specific Loan Characteristics

      View the webinar to learn more about CRA Marketplace. 

      Launch, automate, and manage your bid tape AOT delivery channel with MCT’s AutoAOT® software. The benefits of bid tape AOT have made it a must-have feature for sellers when evaluating new buyers. MCT has removed the nuances of paperwork and third party approvals can be a challenge for investors looking to offer this option.

      Automate the features sellers are looking for – like immediate acceptance, automatic blending, and tri-party automation using AutoAOT.

      Automatic Blending

      AutoAOT offers automatic blending for clients leveraging the tool. 


      Immediate Acceptance

      AutoAOT offers immediate acceptance on your AOT transactions. 

      Tri-Party Automation

      Automated between all three parties which improves time and execution efficiencies while reducing data errors. 

      With MCT’s industry-leading AutoBid software investors can leverage agency API connections and granular margin and restriction functionality to accurately generate bid pricing on the types of loans they want to buy.  With full support for spec pay-ups and MSR values, whether utilizing MCT’s MSR group or another third party, investors can ensure they’ll be generating the most accurate bid at any point in time.  Investors can also choose from several common loan characteristics to margin & restrict by or leverage the multifactor functionality to set up more complex rules.


      Instant Pricing Providing the Seller the Best Possible Price


      No More Organizing, Normalizing, Pricing, or Returning Bid Tape Requests Via Spreadsheets


      Fast and Accurate Responses with a Couple Clicks of a Button

      MCT’s proprietary historical database of best execution analysis and loan sales. Unique reporting and visualizations designed to optimize correspondent pricing and build market share at the aggregate, lender, and loan level.

      Contact us today to learn how Investors are leveraging Investor Analytics to identify opportunities to build market share.


      Summary Reporting, Opportunity Curves & Love/Hate Factor


      Slice & Dice by Lender, Region, Product, & More


      Interactive Web-Based Platform with 24/7 Access

      Meet with us to learn more

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