Q2 2024 Valuations Interview with David Burruss

We asked MCT’s Director of MSR Sales, David Burruss, to sit down and provide insight regarding MSR valuations as it pertains to the current market.

In this video, Mr. Burruss discusses industry trends and answers the questions that the majority of clients are currently asking him. Watch the video to hear his summary and advice on MSR Valuations.

Watch the video below to see what Mr. Burruss has to advise on MSR Valuations.

Topics Include:

  • How does MSR Services provide clarity with assumptions being used in valuations?
  • What is the importance of getting valuations done quarterly?
  • How can one protect themselves in the current market? 

“One of the things that our valuation reporting does that really helps our clients understand their values is it makes it easy for them to see the assumptions that are being used in their valuation.”

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