MSR Bulk Sales 2024 Update

We asked MCT’s David Burruss, Director of MSR Sales, to sit down and provide insight regarding MSR bulk sales as it pertains to the current market.

In this video, Mr. Burruss discusses industry trends and answers the questions that the majority of clients are currently asking him. Watch the video to hear his summary and advice on the current market.

Watch the video below to see what Mr. Burruss has to advise on bulk MSR sales.

Topics Include: 

  • When is the right time to sell?
  • How have the Q1 and Q2 market shifts impacted the potential for my portfolio right now?
  • What are the MSR market predictions for the rest of 2024?

“We’re seeing as many as five to seven bidders on deals as low as $200M. What I would say is if you’re thinking about it, Q2 is probably your last opportunity for this year. We see the market still being still active, there’s people that still need to buy and fill out their portfolios, but as we move into Q3 we see the market softening for Q3 and Q4.” 

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