Taking the time to connect to fellow colleagues, ask for their opinions and insights, and learn from them is something MCT loves to do. In this new MCT series, secondary market professionals are asked topical questions you’re probably also pondering. Check out our latest video below.

While at the MBA Annual last week, we took the chance to speak to a wide variety of secondary market experts and became inspired by their responses to our question. View the video below to learn what they had to say.



What gets you through down turns in the mortgage market?

Watch the video to find out!


“It feels like every three to five years, maybe six, the market goes down or up. The main thing is that you always have to swim, that’s what we do. We’re great swimmers in the mortgage industry. You also must stay positive and you must stay in touch; in touch with reality and in touch with your people.”
– Paul Campbell, EVP Lending, Kwik Mortgage Corporation