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Previous Weekly MBS Market Commentaries

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MBS Weekly Market Commentary Week Ending 7/15/22

The steady, but lighter TBA supply continued with pricing trending lower, gaining back some ground. Fed comments have helped the short end of the curve recover significantly, and better rate sheets should start hitting the screens. Ginnie Mae issuance remains at a better pace, but the late May/early June sell-off that produced a lock flush is adding to more production. Agency production, especially Ginnie Mae, shouldn’t drop off as much as the general population.

MBS Weekly Market Commentary Week Ending 7/8/22

We saw steady TBA hedge volumes throughout the week with the heavy day on Wednesday. Purchase activity remains busy and some refinance activity is still present in the wake of the move lower. FNCL 5.0s have been in a tight range and reprices have dropped off. Payroll data has caused more volume to hit the market, but also more servicing selling as lenders adjust their hedges with a move into higher rates.

MBS Weekly Market Commentary Week Ending 7/1/22

Steady day-over-day TBA hedge flows have included a lot of pair offs as lenders lifted their hedges with the commitment of month-end whole loan sales. FNCL 5.0s have exhibited price appreciation, gaining versus previous closing levels. TBA markets moving higher has driven rate sheet improvement and TBA hedge flows will be much lighter due to the Independence Day holiday. Ginnie Mae issuance for June has closed and reflected slight month-over-month drop.

MBS Weekly Market Commentary Week Ending 6/24/22

Hedge supply has settled a bit after price movement was relatively contained with FNCL 5.0s moving within a tight range. Less intraday reprices are occuring and steady supply should continue. Be aware of pool submission cutoffs. Ginnie Mae issuance is pretty much closed for the month and it looks like we’ll end lighter versus May, though there will be some that residual will trickle in from custom issuance.

MBS Weekly Market Commentary Week Ending 6/10/22

We have seen steady day-over-day TBA hedge supply, but some volatility after the ECB announcement. There have been intraday reprices throughout the week as mortgages moved wider and tighter. Rolls closed lower with lighter bank flows not enough to offset real money selling. Spec origination has been busy, highlighted by Class B and G2 custom lists. 15-year pools traded just a touch behind last month’s levels, performing better than 30-years, as investors remain focused on shorter paper. Customer interest is muted ahead of the FOMC next week. Custom pools traded fairly well, mostly holding up to recent clearing levels.

MBS Weekly Market Commentary Week Ending 6/3/22

MBS have moved tighter in the face of higher volatility, as well as a pickup in demand. The basis is also tighter across the stack with 3.5s best. Spec pool origination volume has been very strong, with more cash window and bank serviced Class A pools trading. Trading levels remain elevated at significantly better levels than last month, better by a couple ticks across the board. Custom pool loan balance 4s are starting to lag a bit compared to 4.5s and 5s.

MBS Weekly Market Commentary Week Ending 5/27/22

We’ve seen a slight uptick in TBA hedge supply as originators continue to hedge their pipelines before the upcoming long holiday weekend. Price appreciation triggered a bevy of reports of positive reprices and TBA supply activity should continue before quieting down. Better buyers of 4/4.5s helped ratchet mortgages tighter and ultimately ~1-2 ticks wider vs hedges. Banks flows remain muted and focused on shorter duration. Pools traded well as origination trading levels continue to push higher, aided by a sharp rally. Even with clearing levels several ticks higher than they were a week ago, spec valuations remain attractive and customer demand has been strong.

MBS Weekly Market Commentary Week Ending 5/20/22

FNCL 4.5s are up versus earlier lows and we’ve seen steady but lighter volumes in the TBA space coming off a big pickup. We’ve also seen TBA appreciation as the bond market rallied, easing some urgency to lock loans. GNMA issuance is expected to end lighter versus April, but the gap appears to be narrowing. The MIP loan package cutoff for the month is coming, though we should be pretty close to that $48 billion figure in April.

MBS Weekly Market Commentary Week Ending 5/13/22

Origination volume has been just short of Fed purchases, and the Fed’s biggest purchases are in 4s. The Fed plans to conduct approximately $16 billion in its reinvestment purchase operations over the next two weeks. Secondary selling has come from a mix of MMs and HFs. Notable BWICs include more than $69 million FN/FR 30yr Semi-Seas Investor 2.5s, more than $17 million G230 Seas Mixed Spec 4.5/5.0, and more than $9 million G230 MJM 2.0-4.0.

MBS Weekly Market Commentary Week Ending 5/6/22

30-year coupons have seen every coupon but the 1.5% exhibit a speed decrease, with the 3.5% and 4% dropping by a quarter percent. Only the 2% through 4% coupons have outstanding float above $100 billion. The 1.5% through 2.5% coupons are all paying less than 10 CPR, the 4% through 5% are paying faster than 20. With the current 30-year conforming fixed rate at 5.53% as of Thursday’s close, UMBS 30-years have no refinance incentive.