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Previous Weekly MBS Market Commentaries

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MBS Weekly Market Commentary Week Ending 7/19/19

Treasury yields declined last week, with the week/week change led by the intermediate and long sectors of the market.  The 10-year note closed at 2.056%, down about 7 basis points on the week, which left the 2-10 years spread at +23.5 basis points.  The drop in the 10-year yield was entirely due to a decline in the 10-year “real” yield, as the 10-year TIP declined by about 8 basis points on the week while the 10-year break-even inflation rate (i.e., the on-the-run minus the TIPS yields) increased by about 1.5 basis points.

MBS Weekly Market Commentary Week Ending 7/12/19

Treasury yields mostly rose last week, although the front end of the yield curve rallied modestly after fairly dovish testimony from Fed Chairman Powell.  While the 10-year yield rose by almost 9 basis points to close the week at 2.12%, the yield on the 2-year note actually declined by 1.5 bps.  This left the 2-10 year spread wide by 10 basis points week/week after moving inside +16 bps last Tuesday, before a selloff in the intermediate and long end of the curve later in the week.

MBS Weekly Market Commentary Week Ending 6/28/19

Intermediate and long-maturity Treasuries continued to rally last week, leaving the yield on the 10-year right at the 2% mark. The rally mainly benefitted maturities longer than seven years, as the 2-year yield only declined by a basis point (versus 5 bps on 10s) which left the 2-10 year spread at +25 bps. The rally incorporated both a lower TIPS break-even inflation rate (with the 10-year B/E ending the week at 1.7%, about 3.5 bps lower) while the TIPS yield itself (a proxy for a “real” 10-year rate) declined by about 2 bps to 0.30%.

MBS Weekly Market Commentary Week Ending 6/21/19

Bonds continued their rally last week, although the 10-year failed at an initial attempt to break through 2%, closing at 2.056%. The rally was triggered by dovish statements from the Fed’s Open Market Committee that led traders to conclude that a rate cut is almost certain at the 7/31 meeting. (The Fed Funds futures market currently projects at least two rate cuts this year.)  The Treasury yield curve (2-10s) ended the week steeper by about 6 basis points, while the 2-5 spread widened by 3 bps to close at +2 bps.  Overseas rates also followed Treasuries lower, with the German 10-year ending the week at -0.29%.

MBS Weekly Market Commentary Week Ending 6/14/19

Treasury yields did not change much last week, despite some volatility that briefly took the 10-year yield to 2.15% before closing at 2.08%. The yield curve configuration was also little changed, with the 2-10 year spread moving out by about ½ basis point while 2-5s inverted by a basis point and the 5-30 spread widened by about 3 bps. The TIPS (inflation-protected) break-even rates, which serve as proxies for expected inflation, declined noticeably last week, with the 5-year break-even contracting by 14 basis points despite a slight uptick in the CPI.

MBS Weekly Market Commentary Week Ending 5/10/19

Treasuries rallied last week as the U.S.-China relationship deteriorated amid a breakdown in trade talks. The 10-year Treasury closed just over the 2.45% level, with the rest of the curve (except the 30-year bond) moving pretty much in concert.

MBS Weekly Market Commentary Week Ending 4/26/19

Treasury yields moved in a narrow band last week, with intermediates maturities lagging both the short and long end of the curve. The reshuffling of the curve left the 2-5 spread inverted by less than a basis point, while the 2-10 year spread moved wider by roughly 4 basis points.