Bid Tape Management & Best Execution for Lenders

Bid Auction Manager (BAM) is a platform within MCTlive! that integrates with existing lender and investor processes to encrypt bid tapes so that they can be securely and efficiently priced by investors. Investors then load tapes back into MCTlive! where they reside in a centralized bid tape repository that can be easily reviewed to achieve Best Execution. Save time, improve margins, and securely transfer bid tapes with a BAM!

Supercharge Your Loan Sale Process with a “BAM!”

No more hours spent sending, receiving, organizing, normalizing, and reviewing bid tapes from a myriad of investors via unsecure emails every time you do a loan sale. BAM saves time and improves margins, whether you use it to streamline your bid tape management or take advantage of robust Best Execution analysis.

Download this file (PDF) to learn more about the benefits of BAM for mortgage lenders.

Interested in Features for Correspondent Investors?

Live market color, timestamp analytics, shadow bidding, and automated bid tape pricing solutions will support your efforts to measure and win market share. Contact us for more information.

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What Clients Are Saying About BAM

“Using BAM saves us two to four hours every time we do loan sales. The convenience of communication and analysis has encouraged us to send bid tapes to our full set of investors. Working with MCT, I feel like we’re in this together—reducing risk and achieving best execution.”

– Timothy Ieyoub, SVP of Capital Markets at Eustis Mortgage

Read Full Eustis Mortgage Case Study

“While our MCT trader has always been amazing, the BAM platform cut down time on our bid turnaround and best-execution comparison, allowing us to execute our commitments quicker and minimize pricing deviations. We can easily see the status of all the bids and commitments, providing us with more oversight into the bid process. We are very pleased with the efficiencies and oversight that BAM provides us.”

– Danni Earl, Secondary Marketing at Starboard Financial


adoption among the investor aggregator community.


bid tapes exchanged daily.

$10 billion+

in monthly committed loan volume.

2+ hours saved

by lenders on average per loan sale.

Watch BAM Demo Video

Learn more about Bid Auction Manager from Director of Deployment, Paul Yarborough who will explain more about using the platform for securely encrypting bid tapes and efficiently pricing with investors.

How to:

  • Import data
  • Generate bid tapes
  • Post & collect bids
  • Run BAM best execution analysis
  • Commit to investors

Bid Auction Manager Features for Lenders

Our real-time mortgage hedging pipeline software, MCTlive! has benefits throughout your company.

Learn more about BAM below or read more about its comprehensive capital markets platform, our Award-Winning MCTlive! Software.



One-click secure distribution, collection, and analysis of bid tapes with your approved bid tape investors.



Anonymized shadow bidding functionality helps you explore potential pickup with unapproved investors, and determine whether to start a conversation.



Review or export a prioritized list of possible executions, commit to investors, and receive confirmations at no additional charge.



Increase speed and organization of the entire pricing process for bulk bid tapes.



Data transmitted through BAM for pricing is retrieved through two-way LOS integrations, making it accurate and easy to set up.



Save time and avoid data entry errors through automation of commitment information back into your LOS.

Bid Auction Manager Benefits

PAYS FOR ITSELF – Lenders of every size tell us how the amount of time they save more than pays for the cost of the service, not to mention the protection of margins and possibility to identify valuable new investors.

INVESTOR APPROVED – BAM has achieved 100% adoption among investors participating in the bulk bid tape
channel. Some investors even manage all their seller bid tapes and associated pricing through BAM!

INFORMATION SECURITY – Nonpublic Personal Information (NPI) found in bid tapes is secured in transit and at
rest, and never transmitted via email.

TEST NEW INVESTORS – Explore the possible impact of adding to your investor set with a robust process to
solicit, collect, and analyze shadow bids.

CAPTURE SPEC PAYUPS – Never miss a payup thanks to CRA eligibility scrubbing and the MCT trade desk’s finger
on the pulse of each investor’s axe.

CENTRAL & HISTORICAL REPOSITORY – One organized location for counterparties to access bid tapes. Discrepancy in price upon delivery? Just reference the original tape and associated pricing.

Let’s Talk About How BAM Will Improve Your Loan Sale Process

Learn more about the benefits of using Bid Auction Manager by reading more on this page or contacting us for a demo.

We look forward to hearing from you and answering any questions you have from software implementation to case studies from other platform users. 

Latest News & Educational Articles About BAM

MCT Adds Investors to Bid Tape AOT Tri-Party Agreement Automation in its Bid Auction Manager™ (BAM) Platform

SAN DIEGO, Calif, Oct. 5, 2018 – MCT announced that new investor bid tape assignment-of-trade (AOT) loan sale executions are now available for sellers using its Bid Auction Manager (BAM) whole loan trading platform.

MCT Integrates its MCTlive!™ Secondary Marketing Software with Freddie Mac for Automated Loan Sale Pricing & Commitment

SAN DIEGO, Calif, August 17, 2018 – MCT announces new functionality that delivers real-time pricing and automates loan committing for Freddie Mac clients. MCT’s lender clients receive the pricing information seamlessly via its integrated capital markets technology platform, MCTlive! MCT is the first vendor to have successfully completed the first commitment via Freddie Mac’s new API technology.

MCT’s Bid Auction Manager™ (BAM) Technology Automates Tri-Party Agreement for Investors’ Bid Tape AOT Loan Sale Executions

SAN DIEGO, Calif, Aug. 3, 2018 – MCT announced automation of the Tri-Party Agreement required between lenders, investors, and broker-dealers during Assignment Of Trade (AOT) transactions in the secondary market. The functionality is built into MCT’s Bid Auction Manager™ (BAM) to improve efficiency for what is expected to be a game-changing new delivery option for the secondary market.

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